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Photo Credit: Ecomuseo Montagna Pistoiese
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Water, fire, iron and...

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Tra Pontepetri e Maresca
27 Giugno 2021
€ 40 famiglia con due o più bambini; € 30 famiglia con un bambino; € 20 due persone; € 15 una persona

Have you ever drunk mountain water? Or fed goats with dried bread? Have you ever made a small iron object, as real blacksmiths do? If your reply is no, then this is the perfect proposal for you!

An enjoyable Sunday spent between Pontepetri and Maresca, finding out about the habits of courtyard animals and the secrets of the Iron Itinerary.

The morning in Pontepetri begins with a stop at the ‘Fontana del Duca’ – ‘the Duke’s Fountain’, where you can fill up your water bottles with our Mountains’ fresh water. Then on to visit a company where visitors can get to meet some courtyard animals; you can feed them and pick some fresh eggs.

Afterwards, to the ‘Giardino dell’Energia Rinnovabile’ – ‘the Garden of Renewable Energy’ where the water will prove its strength and magic: turning on a mallet and a mill’s grindstone; and finally, a cascade of little paper boats made by the children will be dragged along the river and canal.

After a packed lunch or as an alternative, eating aint a restaurant in the area with previously agreed prices, (at the participants’ expense), the day will finish at the ‘Antica Ferriera Papini di Maresca’ – ‘the Papini Ironworks at Maresca’. This will be the moment for a guided tour and to test yourself with attempts at beating and moulding, thereby creating a small object you can take home. Event confirmed in the rain.

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