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San Jacopo Orchard Park

This truly unique park, to be both admired and "tasted", is to be found in Pistoia. There are more than 200 different types of fruit, mostly local Tuscan ones.


The Black Lake Bivouac

This mountain lodge stands on the Black Lake's edge, a few minutes on foot from the Flat Lake.

Abetone Cutigliano

Abetone Botanical forest garden

A path through colours and fragrances in Pistoia's Upper Apennines, created in order to safeguard Biodiversity. It is a part of the Naturalistic Itinerary of the Pistoia Mountains' Ecomuseum.

Abetone Cutigliano

Ferriere Suspension Bridge

A fascinating steel structure, 227 meters long and 36 metres high, in San Marcello Piteglio.

San Marcello Piteglio

Acquerino Forest, a Biogenetic Reserve

The Acquerino forest is an environment of extraordinary biodiversity. The area includes an archaeological park. It is part of the Stone Itinerary od Ecomuseo della Montagna Pistoiese.

Sambuca Pistoiese

Madonnina icehouse

The Madonnina icehouse stands majestically along the grand ducal road near the settlement of Le Piastre and is part of the Ice trail tour of the Ecomuseum of Pistoia Mountains.


Black Lake

This mountain lake, dating back to the ice age, is surrounded by majestic Apennine elevations, just shy of 2000 metres high.

Abetone Cutigliano

The Forest of Teso

It stands to the north of Pistoia and to the south of the border with the Province of Bologna in the Pistoia Mountains.

San Marcello Piteglio