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Montevettolini and Grotta Giusti at sunset

Geo-trekking in Valdinievole

Saturday 10th September


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Meeting point: Montevettolini
Saturday 10th September
€ 15

Landscape Walking Tours guide invites you to the exciting excursion to discover the Valdinievole territory.

An enjoyable evening hike with a night-time finale in the stunning scenery of Montevettolini, Monsummano Alto and Grotta Giusti, to take advantage of the fine weather again in this glimpse of summer.

From the Medicean village of Montevettolini, following an itinerary through scenic country paths, you will arrive at Monsummano Alto, a historic bastion and crossroads, from which you will enjoy an extraordinary overview of the Valdinievole, the Pieve di San Nicolao and the archaeological excavations.

After a packed dinner, illuminated by our flashlights, you will descend towards the cliffs and outcrops of Grotta Giusti: a spectacular place that will not fail to surprise you! The Grey and Red Caves are part of a context of geological interest where you will delve into the various aspects of the formation of the Tuscan territory, going on an interesting geo-trekking tour.


Lenght: 10 Km
Difficulty: “E”, easy
Height difference: 420 meters positive
Tipo di percorso: loop, scenic and naturalistic interests

What to bring

Packed lunch, water 1.5 liter each, mandatory waterproof hiking or trail shoes, long pants, layered clothing (micro fleece, windproof, shell or k-way) backpack, flashlight and battery charger


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