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Thrashed Abetone Montagna Pistoiese

A practical experience to help the environment


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Opening Saturday 3rd of July h. 16.00 Pian degli Ontani
Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4h of July

The Pistoia Mountains are too beautiful to be covered in trash. Find out for yourself!

Thrashed Abetone Montagna Pistoiese, on Sunday 4th July 2021, is an event, promoted by a group of citizens and by the Pistoia Mountains Association, aimed at increasing awareness and improving environmental education.

A day when residents, excursionists and tourists work together to clean up the rubbish found in woods and paths. The ‘missions’ will start off from various and specific places in the mountains.

Apart from collecting rubbish, cultural meetings, activities for children and guided trips will be on offer.

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Info: FB @ThrashedAbetone – IG @thrashed_abetone