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Train “trekking”: nature and hikes

Jump on board the Porrettana Express

Sunday 25th July


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Pistoia’s Deposit of Historic Steam Engines (via Sandro Pertini, Pistoia)
Sunday 25th July
Full € 25

Porrettana Express is an experience intended for families and kids, with educational workshops and guided visits to the stations along the route.

At last, at last! the Porrettana Express train is coming back! 7 trips between July and October will liven up the Tosco-Emiliano Apennine area.

This journey offers you trekking paths so that you can find out about the plant life and fauna of the Pistoia Mountains. As 2021 is the St. James Jubilee Year, there will also be excursions along the Pistoia stretch of the Romea Strata – an ancient road going from central Europe to Rome – and along the Cammino di San Bartolomeo – a pedestrian path linking places of San Bartolomeo’s cult in Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna.

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10.30 a.m. – The historic train’s departure with a stop at the Valdibrana ramp
On the Pistoia side, you can still see the rescue rail track or Valdibrana ramp:
this ramp was there to stop any train convoys which, going down towards Pistoia, could have problems with faulty or damaged brakes…

11.33 a.m. – Arrival at Piteccio
Passengers will be divided into two groups. Accompanied by qualified environmental guides, one group will set off for Castagno; the other will stop at the Piteccio Station to learn more about the importance of the Porrettana ecosystem. After the visit, the second group, too, will leave for Castagno. Gear/equipment: protective face mask, hygienic gel or hand sanitizer, comfortable shoes, suitable clothing, plenty of water.

1.30 p.m. – Lunch at Castagno
Lunch where and how you wish or else at ‘Proloco di Castagno’ – a volontary association which promotes the area – (to be booked by yourselves before the event).

2.45 p.m. – Free visit to Castagno’s hamlet museum and then, the groups’ departure for their return to Piteccio. The group that started off first in the morning will do the laboratory session at Piteccio Station.

4.30 p.m.– Train leaving for Pistoia

4.44 p.m.– Arrival at Pistoia