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Discovering the Progetto Segnavie

San Marcello Piteglio


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New themed itineraries in the Pistoia Mountains: a contemporary mix of art and walks

The Pistoia Mountains are adopting new expressive forms thanks to the Progetto Segnavie – the Roadsign Project – that joins together new, themed itineraries – linked to street and land art – to a network of paths and trails high up in the Pistoia Mountains and in the so-called Svizzera Pesciativa area, a nickname given it as it slightly resembles the Swiss mountains.

The Project covers areas which are particularly interesting from a landscape, historic and cultural pont of view: the Forest of Teso, the High Valley of the Pescia Stream, the Dynamo Oasis (World Wildlife Fund affiliated reserve), the Macchia Antonini – a rural area with a vast forest of century-old Turkey oaks, fields and a small lake – and the rural area of Piteglio – Popiglio.

It also is making plans for the creation of works of art situated in these mountains’ most fascinating and beautiful places, made by contemporary artists of international fame. In San Marcello Pistoiese, Prunetta and Maresca, you can already admire works by Giò Pistone, Gola Hundun, Andrea Casciu and Fargo which illustrate the area’s particular characteristics, by using new art forms. Moreover, in certain places which have amazing panoramic views, large letters have been installed which, read together, make up the word ‘Segnovie’, thereby connecting the land in an original and creative embrace.

The 35 km of selected paths thus connect these works of art and are made up of itineraries rescued from ancient CAI (Italian Alpine Club) routes and paths. By connecting the Apennine crests to areas of high and medium-high mountains, you can personalize your choice of excursions from the variety of tours offered, making them suitable even for beginners. Thanks to this Project, you can choose from a wide range of themed excursions, slowly walking through the history of the area, in company with a touch of curious and contemporary art.