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Photo credit: Federica Bocini
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The village of proverbs: Lagacci

Sambuca Pistoiese


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A tiny village, lying on the border between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, is sprinkled and scattered with proverbs, a depositary of ancient wisdom yet which is still relevant today.

On the right side of the Reno Valley in the Sambuca Pistoiese district – a border area between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna – lies Lagacci, a hamlet 710 metres above sea level, surrounded by thick woods.

Lagacci was first mentioned in the 1587 Grand Duchy’s Real Estate Registry, but it undoubtedly dates back much further.

In summer and on lovely autumnal days, the narrow alleys winding around old stone houses liven up with tourists and visitors, attracted by its authentic atmosphere and by the warm welcome offered by its inhabitants.

But Lagacci is famous above all for being ‘the village of proverbs’.

‘Se il gatto starnuta il tempo muta’, if the cat sneezes, time stands still. Photo credit: Federica Bocini

If the cat sneezes, time stands still, but if the spider….

Walking past the houses, it is impossible to miss the numerous billboards and signposts declaiming proverbs and familiar expressions, bearers of advice and warnings for passers-by. A sort of game which stirs memories up of the past and which, signpost after signpost, weaves the thread of memory that, in this bordering area, is still proudly a part of village life.

‘Se il ragno fa filato, il bel tempo è assicurato’, if the spider makes the yarn the good weather is assured. Photo credit: Federica Bocini


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