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Photo Credit: Ecomuseo della Montagna Pistoiese
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Acquerino Forest, a Biogenetic Reserve

In the Sambuca valleys, borderland between Emilia and Tuscany

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Centro di Educazione Ambientale di Acquerino, Sambuca Pistoiese - Località Monachino, 51020
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The visit to the medieval site

The Acquerino forest is an environment of extraordinary biodiversity. The area includes an archaeological park. It is part of the Stone Itinerary od Ecomuseo della Montagna Pistoiese.

It is a vast forest characterized by centuries-old beech woods and glades where rare herbaceous plants can be spotted. It is also a biogenetic reserve. Its rich fauna includes deer (reintroduced in 1950’s), golden eagles and other birds of prey.

In the area, an archaeological park was brought to light thanks to a combined effort by the Ecomuseum of the Pistoia Mountains, the Soprintendenza Archeologica, the Italian Forest Service and the Municipality of Sambuca Pistoiese. The Park is part of the Itinerario di Pietra – Stone trail, which is one of the tours of the Montagna Pistoiese Ecomuseum.

The settlement, identified with the early medieval village of Glozano, is found along the ancient road leading to the San Salvatore Abbey in Fontana Taona (XI century), a trail of particular importance during the Middle Ages among the routes crossing the Apennine Range.

Probably founded as a monastic settlement, it dates from between the X and XII century, as shown by the studies carried out on the cooking pots and the other ceramic vessels found. The walls of the archaeological complex and the remains of other sandstone buildings can still be seen today. In particular, the ruins of a single-apsed building with sandstone paving – probably a place of worship – stand out as a rare feature in medieval religious architecture of Italy.
Vestiges from the past to make forays into the Middle Ages and discover how people lived on the Apennine mountains.


Ecomuseo della Montagna Pistoiese

Centro educazione ambientale di Acquerino