Treno kids: the SMI Museum and refuges - Visit Pistoia
Photo Credit: Porrettana Express Acerboni/FotoCastellani
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Treno kids: the SMI Museum and refuges

Jump on board the Porrettana Express



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Pistoia’s Deposit of Historic Steam Engines (via Sandro Pertini, Pistoia)
19th September
€ 25

Porrettana Express is an experience intended for families and kids, with educational workshops and guided visits to the stations along the route.

At last, at last! the Porrettana Express train is coming back! 7 trips between July and October will liven up the Tosco-Emiliano Apennine area.

The Kids trains – specially suitable for families and kids from 3 to 10 – follow a particular theme or a specific event, taking children and their families on a path to discover the area, with stops along the Porretta Express route.

The Pantagruel Cooperative, with its themed laboratories, will be there to enliven the journey and its planned stops, aiming at connecting recreational and educative activities with a higher awareness and a better knowledge of typical local characteristics.

The passengers will be taken on a journey to discover the historic railway and the Pistoia Mountains with entertainers/tour leaders who will tell them the story of Mr. Protche, an engineer, and of his beloved Selvaggia, following the tale as told in the book for children, called the “Porrettana Express”.