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Museums in Pistoia

Pistoia, the museum is home: contemporary art, ancient art, traditions and crafts.

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City map – Pistoia itineraries

Visiting the centre of Pistoia, a quiet, elegant city, feels like being transported on a journey through time. The entire history of Italian art can be found along its streets: from Romanesque to Renaissance, from Baroque to Neoclassical, all the way up to contemporary art.

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Jacobean itineraries

Beginning in the 12th century, Pistoia became the only Jacobean cult centre in Italy when, in 1145, Bishop Atto arranged to have brought from Santiago de Compostela a relic of the apostle James the Greater.

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Pistoia a crossroads for walks and ways

Pistoia, a cradle of art and culture and rich in traditions, is the ideal place to arrive at and to depart from on a thought-provoking experience which, step after step, along ancient roads, walks and itineraries, will bring you in touch with the very soul of the places you will visit along the way.

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Pistoia and its mountains

Art, nature, traditions, trails, winter sports, active tourism.

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City of art

Some of the city’s most important monuments are centred around the pilgrimage and the cult of St. James the Great, many of which can be found among the magnificent buildings of Piazza del Duomo.

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Travelling in the Pistoia Mountains

Outdoor itineraries, information, and suggestions for enjoying the Pistoia Mountains.

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Visiting the Medici Countryside

Outdoor itineraries, information, and suggestions for new discoveries in the land that gave birth to Leonardo’s genius.

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Pistoia in and around the province

In and around Pistoia, the mountains, the plain, Montalbano, Valdinievole.

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