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Black Lake

A jewel in the Pistoia mountains, which you can reach on foot

Abetone Cutigliano


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Not to be missed
The view of the lake from the crest

This mountain lake, dating back to the ice age, is surrounded by majestic Apennine elevations, just shy of 2000 metres high.

The Black Lake stands at 1730 metres above sea level, in the Pistoia Mountains between the Alps of the Tre Potenze and the ‘Monte Gomito’. Of ice age origins, it takes its name from its dark waters that flow into the Sestaione stream.

You can reach it via footpaths, which are suitable for expert and non-expert walkers, starting off from the Valle del Sestaione, from the Val di Luce or from Abetone; or else, an easier way to get there is to take the Abetone cable car up to the top of Monte Gomito, 1900 metres above sea level, from where you can, quite effortlessly, reach the lake on foot.

Nearby lies the Black Lake Bivouac, a CAI (Italian Alpine Club) alpine lodge, with 16 dormitory beds and a fully-fitted kitchen for those staying the night.

The lake does not usually have any fish but it does have two species of protected amphibious marbled newts: the alpine newt and the crested newt. Sometimes groundhogs and golden eagles, as well as partridges can be spotted. As for plant life: blueberries, raspberries, creeping pines, a particular type of garlic and beeches.

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