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Snowshoeing in the Pistoia Mountains

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Snowshoeing is an excellent alternative to traditional winter sports. So that you can do physical activity while in close touch with nature and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

To go snowshoeing in the Pistoia Mountains is a truly exciting experience, by day or by night, and is suitable for everybody, even for beginners. It is a way of immersing yourself in the silence and the peace of whitened panoramic landscapes.

Here is all you need to know about snowshoeing in the Pistoia Mountains.

All kinds of snowshoes

These are a kind of footwear that allows you to ‘walk’ without sinking into the fresh snow and without slipping on the hard one. You attach them to your boots by means of a ratchet buckle that leaves the heel free. It can be blocked so as to increase the snowshoes controlling capacity in the more demanding stretches of snow.

Ski poles

You go snowshoeing with the use of a couple of ski poles which you push into the snow one at a time. You use the left-hand ski pole with your right foot, and then vice versa. If you take short steps at an even pace, you will feel safe and ready to enjoy this new experience.

What to wear

As for all outdoor activities, it is best to wear “layered” clothing. Snowshoeing increases body temperature, as do all physical activities but you don’t need to be overdressed. On your feet, we would advise you to use trekking boots (or at least, a high ankle shoe of some kind).

Ciaspolare sulla Montagna Pistoiese


An expert snowshoeing guide will let you into all this sport’s secrets.

We Love Abetone organizes snowshoeing trips in winter, even at night.

The Explora Outdoor guides together with the Abetone Ski School offer snowshoeing trails and Aperitifs and Snowshoeing!!

A giro trek, a group of environmental guides,organises snowshoe hikes in the Forest of Teso, twice a day throughout the winter.

Snowshoeing experts can go snowshoeing by themselves along suitable pistes in the Abetone Val di Luce and Doganaccia ski areas.