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Abetone Gravity Park

A bike park for professional cyclists and for beginners just getting started

Abetone Cutigliano


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Via Brennero, 489 - Abetone, Abetone Cutigliano

Un riferimento per i downhiller dell'Italia centrale, con un mix unico di calda ospitalità e stile toscano, dotato di un'officina e un noleggio bici con le ultime novità.

Abetone Gravity Park is one of the largest bike parks in Italy, with a modern cable car taking you to a height of 700 metres in only 7 minutes.

It offers you 5 different plotted courses: a descent course suitable for competitions of any kind, and free-ride and enduro tracks to suit all technical and physical levels.

The tracks are from 4 – 6 km long. The cross-country loops or circuits – from 5 – 30 km long and with the possibility of making them longer – depart from the cable car’s base and, by means of indicated routes, interconnected one to the other, give you an excellent panoramic view over the whole area.

The Park is also suitable for beginners and for all those who want to get to know the mountain bike world.

The rental service can offer you a wide range of high-quality bikes, both for downhill and freeride cycling.

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Abetone Cutigliano