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Everybody going crazy for the foliage

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Three ideas to enjoy and admire the wonderful sight of the autumn foliage and to appreciate all the beneficial aspects of coming into close contact with the natural world.

The Pistoia Mountains natural world is truly amazing all the year round, but in autumn, its beauty is enhanced by breathtaking panoramic views and with the warm and intense colours of the leaves, which gently fall off their branches and cover the ground with their soft cloak.

In this season – suspended in time, waiting for the snow to embrace the forests once again – to go for a walk surrounded only by nature and by the whispering of the woods, is really an undeniable pleasure.

In order not to miss this ‘foliage show’, we would like to suggest to you three ways of setting off – alone, with friends or with expert environmental guides – to fully enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Pistoia Mountains in autumn.

1. The Forest of Teso

The Forest of Teso covers more than 2.000 hectares between Pracchia and San Marcello Pistoiese, with its centre at Maresca and Orsigna, reaching from the Reno River to the Verdiana River. This delightful, natural jewel of the Pistoia Mountains offers a haven for those who are looking to relax in the heart of nature all the year round, but which reserves its most charming sights for the autumn. Bring a camera with you to immortalize its extremely beautiful landscapes.

2. The Forest of Acquerino

In the heart of the Pistoia Apennines, the Natural Biogenic Reserve of the Forest of Acquerino is home to an extraordinary wealth of biodiversity. You will be enchanted by the sight of autumnal leaves and by the scents of their undergrowth and do not miss the chance to pay a visit to the Glozano Archeological Site, run by the Pistoia Mountains’ Ecomuseum.

3. The Forest of Pian degli Ontani

The Biogenic Reserve of Pian Degli Ontani is a protected area, rich in biodiversity, which had a fundamental role in the history of the Grand Duchy when it was used for the harvesting of timber. Nowadays, it is one of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine’s most luxuriant and flourishing forests.

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