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Photo Credit: Visit Tuscany
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Pistoia Sotterranea

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Underground path
Open every day except Wednesday
Curated by
IRSA - Istituto Ricerche Storiche e Archeologiche

The path winds under the city of Pistoia, in the tunnel where the Brana river flowed until the 14th century.

Pistoia Sotterranea is a fascinating guided archaeological tour that winds under the city and allows you to discover its history from another point of view, in particular exploring the various activities related to the use of water in the ancient city.

The route is located inside the Spedale del Ceppo of Pistoia, the former hospital complex founded, according to tradition, in 1277, today one of the city’s civic museums.

The path runs along the ancient bed of the Brana stream, then diverted and reduced to Gora di Scornio, still alive and intubated in this stretch.

Photo Credit: IRSA Pistoia

The visitor, always accompanied by a guide, is led to discover the most ancient architectural evidence of Pistoia, now visible only along this underground route, which winds for about 650 meters below the hospital.

Along the way, you will understand the various construction phases of the Hospital and its relationship with the city during the historical epoch differences. You will come across a Roman bridge, medieval sinks, an ancient city gate and two attractive mills, the oldest dating back to the 12th century.

The guided tour continues with Pistoia “above” in the oldest part of the Spedale del Ceppo, with the smallest Anatomical Amphitheater in the world.


Pistoia Sotterranea