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Villa Stonorov: the largest collection of the Maestro's works



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A centre for the value appreciation and conservation of Maestro Jorio Vivarelli's works of art, the Foundation is a point of reference for Pistoia's 20th century art scene

The Jorio Vivarelli Foundation aims to conserve and give value to Jorio Vivarelli‘s (1943-2008) works of art, as he was a well-known and much appreciated sculptor from Pistoia.

The Foundation, with its seat in Villa Stonorov and in its surrounding park, holds the largest collection of the Maestro’s works, made up of sculptures, drawings, handmade medals as well as a collection of plaster casts and sketches. This Villa is a fine example of rationalist architecture, standing only a few miles from Pistoia, and holds the archives of the whole of Jorio’s artistic career together with the maestro’s own library, consisting of more than two thousand volumes, numerous films and documentaries.

Thanks to this cultural legacy, the Jorio Vivarelli Foundation is a  documentary  and irreplaceable source for all scholars, art lovers and students who are looking to learn about, from a really close-up perspective, an important part of 20th century art history.

Photo credit: Jorio Vivarelli Foundation

The Artist’s Residence

The Foundation works to enhance the knowledge and development of contemporary art and every year, it gives access to – via private invitation or by tender notice – Italian and international artists of note who are welcomed to further pursue and develop their own work.

The Jorio Vivarelli Foundation Museum’s sculptures

Going through Villa Stonorov’s rooms, you can follow the sculptor’s creative process by means of the varied subjects chosen and by the styles used in his various artistic periods. Ranging from his terracotta and wax works belongining to his early years which examine the existential dilemma of man,  to  the works of his American years while working with Oskar Stonorov, the architect of the villa of the same name. At the end, you can admire the works of Jorio’s last years – those called that of the ‘New Man’ – where in his art, he expresses his hope for a new humanity, without war, discrimination and poverty.

In Villa Stonorov’s park, you can also see many extremely large  bronze works of art which accompany you on a romantic trail through art and nature.

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