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The most iconic places of the city of Pistoia and the essential tips to find the right angle and bring home the perfect shot.

Sharing the most beautiful shots of a vacation is an almost indispensable gesture for many travelers and for all those who use social networks as boards where they leave a trace of their most special moments.

Italian cities have a special charm, that’s why the alleys of a village, the halls of a great museum, crowded or lonely squares become perfect snapshots that contain, without words, only thanks to the evocative power of images, the most beautiful moments of a traveler’s latest vacation.

Pistoia is a medieval town which holds little-known artistic masterpieces in its historic center, treasures that unravel becoming perfect settings for souvenir photos.

1. Battistero di San Giovanni in Corte

Its black and white silhouette with horizontal stripes is the city’s best-known image. It is the most famous monument in Piazza del Duomo and is also a place where the residents of Pistoia meet and hang out. If we had to capture the essence of Pistoia in an image, perhaps we would choose the soaring silhouette of this silent witness that has flaunted its beauty for centuries.


Climb the Bell Tower of the Cathedral of San Zeno to take a “face-to-face” photo with the Baptistery.


2. The Garden of Cino – Mural by Millo

NO HESITATION, this is the title of the work by Francesco Camillo Giorgino, who uses the pseudonym of Millo, a street artist of international renown. Around his mural the project to restore this corner of the historic town center was developed, just a stone’s throw from Piazza del Duomo. The work is an invitation to abandon the “mental structures” that oppress us and let someone turn the key and open our heart.


Reach the small square from Via della Torre, an alley with exquisitely medieval views.


3. San Giovanni Fuorcivitas

The white and green of the marble and the elegance in the drawing are among the greatest moments of Romanesque art and architecture in Pistoia. But the surprises do not stop there: inside, you cannot miss the Visitation, a glazed terracotta work attributed to Luca Della Robbia.


Take a seat at the tables of one of the cafes adjoining the Church of St. John and, in addition to indulge in a pleasant break, you will have time to focus your attention on the ornaments of the facade, spot “the perfect detail,” and click!


4. La cupola della Madonna dell’Umiltà

This majestic dome, the third largest in Italy after that of St. Peter in Rome and the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, was erected in the 16th century by Giorgio Vasari. It has a diameter of about 25 meters and is 59 meters high. With its imposing tonnage, it dominates the landscape around Pistoia.


For the perfect picture go to piazza Spirito Santo, you’ll enjoy the the most beautiful view!


5. Piazza della Sala

This characteristic corner of Pistoia has two faces: in the morning it hosts the fruit and vegetable market, filling up with colours and scents, while at cocktail hour, with the tables of the many clubs and restaurants, it turns into the heart of Pistoia’s social life.


If you come from Via dei Fabbri, walking through the old stores with their wooden doors and stone counters, Piazza della Sala will open with the Pozzo del Leoncino (Well of the Leoncino) towering in the center, full of symbols to decipher and immortalize. If you arrive from Via del Lastrone, Piazza della Sala will open leaving a characteristic glimpse of the Piazzetta degli Ortaggi, the “greenest” area of the historic center. You cannot leave Pistoia without enjoying a cocktail “on the Sala”, the best way to capture the city’s mood. A selfie is a must!


6. Spedale del Ceppo

The Della Robbia Frieze in polychrome glazed terracotta, set on the external loggia, is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture and one of the most iconic symbols of the city. In the historical-monumental part of the former hospital complex founded in 1277, according to tradition, is located the Museum of the Spedale del Ceppo.


When the sun’s rays strike the frieze, its colours stand out in a particular way, highlighting the extraordinary brightness of the glazed terracotta.


7. Mati Garden

Pistoia is the town of nurseries, one of Italy’s most important centers for ornamental plant production. Just a short walk from the town center, the Mati Experience, a project of the Mati 1909 nursery, will give you a unique sensory experience thanks to the beauty and charm of the demonstration gardens, which are open for guided tours.


In late spring, when the plants are at their peak, the shots will be even more unforgettable.