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Fattoria di Celle and Gori Collection

When art becomes an integral part of the landscape itself



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Art garden
Via Montalese. 7 - Pistoia
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The park of the historical, 15th century, monumental Villa, holds a collection of 80 works of environmental art.

In the district of Santomato at Pistoia, stands the Fattoria di Celle, a historical, 15th century, monumental villa which holds an extraordinary private collection of environmental art, the Gori Collection. Opened to the public in 1982, every year this fascinating place welcomes endless visitors – who have all made a booking – from May to September.

The collection has 80 works of environmental art, which can be appreciated by walking in the Villa’s park with its large English-style garden lying at the back of the building. One of the unusual features of the exhibition is the total intersection and relevance of the works of arts into the Fattoria’s environment and into its architectural annexes, thus making the Fattoria an integral part of the work.

The artists have been selected mainly for their extremely innovative artistic language and, coming from all over the world, contribute to developing a continuous and inter-disciplinary creative hub.

The creation of the Gori Collection was thanks to Giuliano and Pina Gori who, in 1950 in Prato, began to develop their constant work of planning and collecting of works of art which eventually, in 1970, were transferred to the Fattoria di Celle, a place that had the suitable space for the ever-growing collection. After its inauguration on 12th June 1982, where its first 18 works were exhibited, it was decided, at the same time, to open the Collection to the public.