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Via della Madonna - Pistoia
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Its imposing dome, designed by Giorgio Vasari, went on to become one of the Pistoia’s most prominent symbols.

Work upon the Basilica della Madonna dell’Umiltà began in 1495 and was completed in 1568.

It included the intervention of Giorgio Vasari, who designed its imposing dome, which went on to become one of the city’s most prominent architectural and religious symbols.

It was built in honour of the image of the Madonna and Child from the ancient church of Santa Maria Forisportam, which is said to have exuded a clear liquid in 1490. The Rospigliosi family felpe adorn the basilica by contributing numerous valuable works of art.

During the 17th century the prestige of Rospigliosi family increased due to a series of donations to the Treasure of the Madonna, as large as the Treasure of Saint James.