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Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi

Ancient palace of the Bishops



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Piazza del Duomo, 3 - Pistoia
Curated by
Fondazione Pistoia Musei

One of the Fondazione Pistoia Musei’s centerpieces, this palace is dedicated to ancient and modern art.

Housed in the historical bishop’s seat, the museums display a substantial part of the city of Pistoia’s art.

The tour opens with the Tactile Museum – Touching the City, with displays of tactile wooden models reproducing Pistoia’s main architectural monuments that can be taken apart. The same models, in bronze, are found inside the monuments themselves.

The Archaeological Tour offers the only visible evidence of the city’s archaeological layers, from the Roman period up to the modern and contemporary age.

The Museum of the Cathedral of San Zeno preserves a rich collection of sacred furnishings and liturgical vestments from the Cathedral of S. Zeno. In addition, important modern works have also been found a home in the building: a Pomona by Marino Marini, dated 1945, and a painting cycle of dry-laid tempera by the painter Giovanni Boldini from Ferrara.

The Bigongiari Collection has recently been established, with over forty paintings representing the most important private collection of the Florentine 17th century.

The museum also houses the Millefiori Tapestry. Known as the Adoration, it is a splendid example of 16th-century Flemish tapestry weaving.