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Rospigliosi Museum e Diocesan Museum

Furnishings, paintings, statues and liturgical objects. In the halls of Palazzo Rospigliosi



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Via Ripa del Sale, 3 - Pistoia
Curated by
Diocesi di Pistoia

From the sumptuous furnishings of the papal apartment, set up for Clement IX, to the sacred artworks from the churches of the Diocesi.

The Clemente Rospigliosi Museum is located on the main floor of the residence of this illustrious Pistoia family. Giulio Rospigliosi, Pope Clement IX (1667-1669) belonged to a branch of this family. The museum preserves practically intact the sumptuous 17th-century decor of the papal apartment, set up to properly host Clement IX when he passed through the city. Especially extraordinary is the 16th- and 17th-century picture gallery, including twenty-five works by the painter Giacinto Gimignani. With its large four-poster bed in red damask the pope’s chamber is very charming.

The Diocesan Museum is housed in the monumental rooms adjoining the Rospigliosi apartment. It contains valuable objects of sacred art, mainly jewellery, which have come from the churches in the diocese. On display are silver objects, sacred vessels, paintings, statues, and liturgical vestments. They are arranged in chronological order, following formal transformations in the taste and style of these objects intended for sacred ceremonies.